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1946 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH

Sale price: $US 12,900.00 Make an offer
Last update: 12.08.2017


Technical specifications, photos and description:

Exterior Color:Black
Engine Size (cc):1,340
Model:Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):U UL ULH
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Sell Harley-davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH Motorcycle in Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
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1946 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH for sale
Current customer rating: Rating 3 (3) based on 5 votes
1946 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH for Sale
1946 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH for Sale1946 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH for Sale

XXXX Harley Davidson Big Twin Flathead "U" Model. Very rare bike these days and lot of good OEM parts here. Seems like you see more Knuckleheads than you see Big twin Flatheads, the XX's are everywhere but not the Big Twins they are scarce. All Flatheads are on the rise right now and especially the Big Twin Flats. think due to all the renewed interest in Flat track racing around the country and events such as TROG and Race Of Gentleman have really given rise too Flatheads. Please view all of the photos and read the complete description before placing bid. will tell you everything know about this killer bike as was told by the owner too me. He did not want to sell it and it took me long time too purchase this from him as he had plans himself on the bike. Felt like was buying his first born from him and totally understand the feeling as have been there myself and was really excited about this project as well as have owned many XX's but never Big Twin. He talked too me about it for hours on end over many days about this bike. Only reason am even considering it as can not afford two builds and have Panhead in the works and went back and forth on which one to focus on and just already had too much time and energy wrapped up in XX project to switch gears.  Please take this serious and only bid if you have money in hand ready too transfer and have read and understood this completely. This is NO RESERVE AUCTION which means any bid could be winning bid! So please understand this. feel the starting price is very low for this bike and will be very sad to see it go at the starting price as it is worth well more in my humble opinion and great investment. This is great opportunity for someone to take this base bike to the next level. This is very good opportunity for someone to own rare piece of history and it pains me to sell as had all intentions of doing this bike project myself but my Big Twin Flathead dreams will have to be put on hold for now and let someone else do it or ride it as is. purchased this bike from Harley mechanic that had vintage bike shop for XX+ years. One of his best friends owned this bike and they built it together and he unfortunately passed away and he ended up with it from the family couple years after he passed. He rebuilt the engine and transmission for his friend before he received it. He said during the rebuild he figured out it had ULH heads and cylinders and is XX" motor that he said is in fantastic shape as well as the transmission as he had rebuilt at the same time as the engine which I gathered was in the late XX's and it was last registered in XXXX the year he passed. His friend wanted rat bike and built it purposely as you see it trying to make parts look even older and dirtier than they were and even threw oil and sand on the underneath to give it the appearance of being as ratty as possible as that was the look he was going for and spray painted parts to give them the rat appearance. License tag says it all "FILTHY" (Which does not go with the sell). Engine looks to be all OEM parts it does have chipped fin on the front head as you can see but the other fins look great from what can tell but view all the photos and determine that for yourself as well as all other aspects of this bike. Cases look great-correct with no visible repairs motor mounts look great with no repairs as well, with perfect vin and vin pad. The transmission also looks great and original. As you can see it has bourbon bottle cork as the filler cap that he put in there. That in my opinion will need to be taken out and real filler cap put on it obviously. Transmission looks great though and correct. The frame is also nice as you can see from the pictures an original Big Twin Frame with proper castings and sidecar loops still intact. As you can see the neck has few degrees rake in it with plates welded in the neck. My intentions were to take it down to frame and fix neck back to stock and anything else that needed to be done to it which the neck is only major thing. Of course could be ran just as is frame wise just figured this frame and bike was totally worth the effort as with some time put into this bike and some correct parts you could really have something here. This bike has great bones and potential. The bike actually has very good sit to it like it is and the rake and trail seem to be great and sits flat with the rake and the proper length extended front end that was used on it. Bike sits really nice and just figured would mention that as it truly does & kinda cool just as it is especially if rat bikes are your thing. It has Pro clutch from what he told me believe made by Rivera the clutch seems super smooth and moving freely and smoothly, nice set up with the mousetrap.This bike has sat for many years the tag on it reads XXXX and when pulled it out of the building looked to have about that much dust on it. This bike will need to be completely gone through before being road ready and will tell you what he told me. He said this will be nothing to get cranking and running and the engine and transmission will be good to go for many more years. He was really honest guy and only telling you what he told me and believed him as he already had my money. For better of worse he is part time pastor and turned his old bike shop into church!  He said in his opinion possibly just from the sitting the worse thing he thought may face is the generator may need to be rebuilt or replaced and obviously the battery from sitting and other than that will run down the road parts wise. It is all there though. Gas tank is not even really that dirty inside. Looks much better than would have ever thought it would be. would of course clean it if you are going to use it (which was not) but if you are really think quick flush will be all that is needed. It was going to be wall hanger for me in my garage. will let you figure out what it says. Bike looks to be complete and could be ran as is. One other note bike also rolls very freely lot of old bikes have bought and barn finds have bought through the years are always hard to roll from brakes sticking and what not. It just struck me as was loading it and made the comment to him at how nice it rolled and was surprised by that. Another note lost the throttle side grip on the way home, flew off somewhere on the highway throttle & throttle sleeve still good to go and the shovelhead era front right switch housing is being held on with pipe strap. Not sure if housing is cracked or the two inside screw holes are stripped or what is going on the outside housing screws are in there and look good then the two on the inside are covered with the strap and did not take off to explore or try to fix, nor did do anything to it is is exactly as found it. Use the zoom feature and you can see exactly what am referring too. decided to not even wash it. almost decided to clean it and pressure wash the grease and dust off of it this afternoon before took the pictures but then decided today to let it go exactly as found it and how the last real owner that put any miles on it left it and intended it to be in all of it's grungy oily glory. He told me story about the guy rolling up to some sort of bike show in the late XX's shortly after they had finished it and the engine and transmission were pristine as well as the whole bike last he had saw it. He said what in the world saw it couple days ago and the bike was clean as pin. He said he told him the cases and underneath were just too shiny and clean for rat bike so threw oil and sand underneath and rattle canned few things to make it look like it should in my eyes! Said he just shook his head and laughed. Too each is own guess!I have listed and sold many bikes on eBay and have lot of happy customers and this is surely to make another as long as you know what you are buying. Please only bid if you are serious and have money in hand ready to transfer. only require $XXX deposit via Paypal within XX hours of auctions end and prefer it to be done immediately. WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER PORTION OF PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL ONLY THE DEPOSIT!! The balance is due within WEEK of the auction end! The balance will be paid in person as long as you can get here within week of the auctions end or via Bank Transfer. bank with Bank Of America and Wells Fargo. I prefer Bank Of America transfer but if Wells Fargo helps you out that will be just fine and is how XX% of bikes are paid for as most purchasers seems to ship. If you are not picking up can help with ground transportation if need be and simi trailers have no problem getting in and out of where the bike is located. Shipping is XXX% the winning buyers responsibility. can assist and will make myself available for the pick up whenever the truck shows up or you show up to pick up but the expense and the arrangement is ultimately up to the buyer. The North Carolina title is all correct and in my name. The bike is located in Wilmington NC for shipping arrangements if that is needed for you to get quotes or arrange before the auctions end. If you have any questions please feel free to ask via email and will try to answer to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading and understand the terms before bidding and good luck on this. am sad to see one of my dream projects go to new home but hope it finds its way to someone that will do this justice and someone will have fantastic rare bike. 
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Sell Harley-davidson Big Twin Flathead U UL ULH Motorcycle

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